Why Does Mercy Projects Sell Nesting Dolls?

Why Does Mercy Projects Sell Nesting Dolls?

The short answer is because we enjoy it. Our children all have nesting dolls, and now our grandchildren. We hope our friends and supporters will enjoy them as well. 

But First A Little History

The Matryoshka doll originated in 1890 at the Abramtsevo artist colony north of Moscow.  Sergey Malyutin designed this finely handcrafted wooden doll, made from plentiful Linden trees, to embody traditional Russian culture.

A set of female dolls is meant to honor the role of women, one nested inside another, representing generations of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and their role in caring for the family. Today the dolls depict peasants, village life, animals, pop culture, sports teams, and of course political figures. 

All Of Mercy Projects Dolls Are From Ukraine

This tradition is carried on in Ukraine as well, but with uniquely Ukrainian themes such as their village families, the father's bandura, the children's pets, with chickens and village scenes quite common. 

Providing dolls is something Jeff & Paula do because they enjoy the beautiful handcrafted work of the Ukrainian artists. We hope you too will enjoy your dolls and buy them for your grandchildren. We love to help the artists in Ukraine, as well as our friend Valera with his souvenir business.  All proceeds go directly to the ministry of Mercy Projects in Ukraine.

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