The Nesting Dolls Back Story

The Nesting Dolls Back Story

Ukraine was invaded by Russia on February 24, 2022. I called my friend Valera, a father with two boys and the owner of a souvenir business in Kyiv.

“The sun was coming up and I saw an explosion in the distance. Then I saw a missile flying through the air,” Valera said.

“Jeff, can you get my wife and boys to safety? Can you help me?”

He was crying. Within two days we evacuated his wife and two boys.

His business partner’s apartment was hit by a missile. The dolls were destroyed. Valera was alone and financially ruined.

“Valera, we want to buy as many dolls as you can find,” I said. “We will sell these dolls in America.”

The Dolls Represent Jobs and Hope

Valera now works to supply Mercy Projects with dolls. We bring these dolls to America in our suitcases. They are hand painted in Ukraine by artists who are former refugees.

With your support, we are able to provide jobs to artists, and then sell these dolls to support our ministry sharing God’s love and helping people.

As for Valera, he is now reunited with his family and living in Kyiv. Missiles still fly in Ukraine.

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